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Trents Nursery Ltd - Nationwide Delivery

Supplying top quality plants throughout NZ

For plant purchases outside of trade / wholesale please contact a retail nursery.

Trents is an established wholesale nursery supplying top quality plants to retail outlets, landscapers and nurseries nationwide.

The nursery was established in 1983 and is still located at the original site in Prebbleton, 3km south of Christchurch.

Our custom built infrastructure ensures plants are cultivated in optimum conditions.

We are the largest Flower Carpet Rose producer in the Southern Hemisphere.

When you deal with us you get:

  • a high level of expertise from an established, innovative business

  • fantastic customer support

  • an extensive product range

New releases 2013-2014

  • Agapanthus: Golden Drop
  • Alstroemeria: Inca Sweetie, Inca Vito

  • Dianthus: Waterloo Sunset, Rebekah

  • Hydrangea: Strawberries & Cream

  • Heuchera: Pepermint Spice, Delta Dawn, Paprika, Black Taffeta

  • Lavender: The Princess Lavender

  • Nemesia: Strawberry Ripple, Blueberry Ripple, Berries & Cream, Raspberries & Cream

  • Primula Belarina Range: Buttercup, Cobalt Blue, Cream, Nectarine

  • Rose Flower Carpet: Pink Splash

  • To order plants or for more information please contact our one of our sales team, the office or download an order form below.

    Victoria Greig - Christchurch, Rangiora
    Mobile: 021 873 688 email:
    Nicky Cuder - South Island
    Mobile: 021 873 689 email:
    Todd Clarke - North Island
    Mobile: 027 233 5795 email:

    We are NZ's leading perennial nursery

    Trents specialises in perennials, providing one of the largest ranges in NZ. This ensures our customers are provided with the right plants for any style, planting scheme or situation.

    Unlike plants reared in many other nurseries, Trents plants are grown without additional heating making them hardy and able to handle real garden conditions from the moment they're planted.

    Our success rate of cutting material is among the highest in New Zealand leading to the most reliable supply of quality product.

    Over 17 years we have grown to become the largest Flower Carpet producer in the Southern Hemisphere.

    Prolific flowering from spring to autumn, Flower Carpet Roses can be purchased and grown as bush, groundcover or standards and are available in 8 colours.

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    Image Gallery:

    Click any of the images below for enlargement.

    New Release October 2013 Flower Carpet Pink Splash
    New Release 2013 The Princess Lavender
    2013 New Release Alstroemeria Inca Sweetie
    New Release Nemesia Berries & Cream
    New Release - July 2013 Primula Belarina Cobalt Blue
    New Release May 2013 Dianthus Memories.
    Hellebore Tutu
    Agapanthus Thunderstorm
    Abutilon Lucky Lantern Yellow
    Hellebore Winter Sunshine
    Dianthus Passion
    Hosta Purple Heart
    Gazania Copper Sunset
    Penstemon Blueberry Taffey
    Heuchera Lime Marmalade
    Osteospermum Daydream
    Flower Carpet Rose White Standard
    Hosta Empress Wu
    Gazania Sahara
    Heuchera Plum Royale
    Gazania Velvet Belle
    Saxifraga Red Fire
    Penstemon Watermelon Taffey
    Tiarella Happy Trails
    Federation Daisy Sunrise Rose
    Heucherella Brass Lantern
    Ajuga Chocolate Chip
    Heuchera Obsidian
    Lavender Foveaux Storm
    Brunnera Looking Glass

Trents Nursery Ltd - Nationwide Delivery
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