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The Specimen Tree Company Ltd - Nationwide

Quality trees with expert advice

The Specimen Tree Company Ltd is a diverse Company that combines its highly regarded arboricultural services with a nursery which specialises in the growing of large amenity trees.

Our services include :

* A nursery growing specimen and semi-mature trees and palms from 2 - 8 metres high.
* Tree pruning, surgery, whole tree removals and stump grinding.
* Transplanting of semi-mature and mature trees.
* Planting and landscaping.
* Consultancy - Resource Consent reports, tree inspections, surveys, and valuations.

The Specimen Tree Company was established in 1987 by Arborist Gordon Ikin. The company grew out of Gordon's passion for trees and his desire not only to grow high quality trees that display good form and vigorous health, but to offer professional care for our Urban Forest as well.

Approaching arboriculture holistically, The Specimen Tree Company is unique in its ability to offer expertise in all aspects of arboriculture and horticulture from the growing of trees in our big tree nursery, the planting and transplanting of trees from 0.5 to 100 tonnes, as well as pruning, tree surgery and arboricultural consultancy.

We look at the growing of trees through the eyes of an Arborist, making sure that all trees produced in the nursery display good form and possess a vigorous and healthy root system. It is our aim that all trees sold from the nursery meet the highest arboricultural and horticultural standards.

The techniques we use for transplanting have been developed to minimise stress to the transplanted tree thus ensuring a high success rate. This coupled with our broad base of experience in transplanting many of the species of trees grown in New Zealand, has meant that we are recognised as one of New Zealand's leading authorities on tree transplanting.

Our extensive project experience includes planting in private gardens, parks, streets, civic spaces, subdivisions, commercial developments, schools and rural properties.
Our horticultural staff, have the experience to ensure that your trees will be correctly planted, enabling them to establish and thrive in their new location.

We have a team of Arborists who are trained to undertake tree work in a diverse range of situations. Our tree maintenance services range from pruning a fruit tree in a residential garden through to the removal of a declining over-mature tree adjacent a high-rise building.

We are members of New Zealand Arboricultural Association Inc., the International Society of Arborists, Tane Tree Trust, NZ Native Forests Restoration Trust and Site Safe New Zealand Inc.

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About Our Services:

Located just 15 minutes from downtown Auckland, our nursery produces over 100 different varieties of high quality, specimen and semi-mature trees and palms from 2-8m in height and in containers from 45ltr to over 2000ltr.

Our trees are a mixture of evergreen and deciduous trees; New Zealand natives as well as exotics and we deliver throughout New Zealand.

For those people who require large numbers of trees for a specific project, we can custom grow to your specifications and time frame.

Our horticultural staff, have the experience to ensure that your trees will be correctly planted. To this end we have a planting service available to plant any of the trees that we grow in our nursery, as well as a wide variety of other landscape planting works.

Our Transplanting division has a range of equipment that enables us to transplant semi-mature and mature trees from 0.5 100 tonnes and larger.

As one of New Zealand's leading authorities on tree transplanting, we have developed special techniques to minimise stress to the tree being transplanted. To ensure the successful establishment of the transplanted tree, we can provide ongoing aftercare maintenance following transplanting.

Our team of Arborists are trained to undertake all aspects of tree surgery including: formative pruning, deadwood removal, crown-lifting and reductions, tree removals including sectional dismantling in confined areas, Phoenix palm trimming, hedge trimming, root pruning,soil aeration and stump grinding.

We work to modern arboricultural standards using Natural Target Pruning, a method developed by Dr. Alex Shigo that works with, not against, the natural defences of the tree.

We provide specialist consultancy services that range from diagnosis of ill health in a single tree in a residential garden through to preparing arboricultural implication reports on proposed developments.

Our briefs have included tree asset surveys for future planning, comprehensive reports for Resource Consent applications, as well as providing monitoring services that are required when construction work is required around protected trees. Our client base includes city councils, central government, developers, schools, institutions, architects, and residential property owners.

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Image Gallery:

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Large trees and palms 2-8m high available in our nursery.
Himalayan Birch trees in our nursery.
Large palms in our nursery.
Planting of New Zealand Nikau into pool side garden.
Preparation for installation of lawn.
Aftercare maintenance of recently planted trees, Highbrook Business Park, Auckland.
Aotea Square, planting of Karaka and Pohutukawa trees.
Planting of transplanted Nikau palms on Queen St, Auckland.
Planting of transplanted Cabbage trees into Viaduct Harbour, Auckland.
Loading of transplanted Livistona palm.
Pohutukawa trees with tree transplanting frames in place.
Transplanted semi-mature grade trees being prepared for containerising in our nursery.
Transplanting of Olive trees to Blake Family Vineyard, Hawkes Bay.
Clean up of job site upon completion of work.
Branch removal utilising rigging techniques.
Removal of over mature Poplar with 100 tonne crane.
Stump Grinding.
Trimming of Phoenix palms.
Large brushwood chipper in action.
Inspection of Camphor laurel tree with co-dominant trunk immediately adjacent dwelling.
Inspection of storm damaged tree.
Monitored works within dripline of protected Pohutukawa trees.
Aquaflow Porous Paving - Glacial 6-8mm, Queen St, Auckland.
Aquaflow Porous Paving - Southland Pebble 4-7mm, Mangere Bridge, Auckland
Aquaflow Porous Paving - Red Glass, RSA Memorial Gardens, Manukau Cemetery.

The Specimen Tree Company Ltd - Nationwide
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