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Total Turf Services

We care for your lawn like we own it!

Total Turf Services Ltd is a privately Owned Company located on the North Shore with Ian Kent as the Principal. As the name suggests, the Company is a lawn construction and maintenance operation. The products and services provided are of the highest standard available.

The Company specialises in the construction and installation of both seeded and instant lawn plus the post installation maintenance programme for these projects.

Also provided is a personal, professional and reliable service which the Company prides itself on the quality of workmanship and the manner in which it is achieved. The key objective is to achieve the highest standard possible, whilst working within the clients budget requirements.

Ian Kent's involvement in the turf industry extends across 26 years and includes a depth of experience with turf consulting for sports fields, cricket wickets plus turf maintenance of numerous high profile properties throughout the greater Auckland area.

Additional services include weekly mowing contracts plus maintenance programmes which cover weed, insect and disease spraying plus regular fertiliser applications. The control of Moss/Algae, worms, pests, fungus control, soil testing, irrigation servicing plus conducting regular condition reports.

Our Company activities also include preparation of properties for formal functions by reel mowing enclosures prior to the event.

The Total Turf team welcome the opportunity to meet with you and discuss your needs. We then offer our expertise on how our specialised services can meet your requirements. Call now to find out how you can have that lush lawn you've always wanted!

Other Services & Products

We also provide additional lawn care and compehensive maintenance products to ensure your lawn is at optimum quality:

Certified grass seed is used including Tall Fescue, NZ bred Rye grasses, Kikuyu, Couch
Anderson Turf Fertilisers - 19-26-5 Starter Fertiliser, 32-3-10 (Fe) PCSCU Slow Release Fertiliser, 31-1-6 Paclo - Pro Slow Release Fertiliser with Poa control
Granulated Gypsum / Lime
Granular form wetting agents
Knapsacks / Fertiliser hand spreaders
Lawn Mowing
Turf Cutting, Landscape Contractors save labour and time with our turf cutter

Weed Control:

Weeds in lawns, you are going to get them at some time doesn't matter how well you look after your lawn, they can get into your lawn by air movement, bird droppings, and mower contamination or even of shoes.
Controlling weeds in lawns is a real specialise field, we aim to be as environmentally friendly as me can with our chemical applications.
Each and every grass species has different requirements in regards to weed control, what might work for one species of grass won't work for another that is why it is important from day one to get the correct advice on lawn installation.
Of all grasses couch has now become one of the easiest grasses to keep clean from weeds and undesirable grasses.

Lists of chemicals that control following: -

Katana Couch Lawns only
Sempra Nutgrass control in most grasses
Expo 500 Poa control in cool season grasses
Puma S Summer grass control in cool season grasses

Disease Control:

One of the major concerns with turf in the Auckland region is the weather conditions, Auckland can get very high humid conditions and at the same time it can get quite a lot of rainfall, so if you combine humid conditions with rain it means one thing FUNGUS DISEASE. Fungus disease comes in many forms for example we get Red Tread, Dollar Spot, Fusarium Patch, Brown Patch and Pythium to name a few.
We are now spraying for fungus disease as a preventative from November onwards each year.

Insect Control:

In turf we control two types of insects, one is controlling worms in turf over the winter months the reason we do this is because worm castings make lawns uneven, and the other insects we look to control are the root eating insects like grass grub, porina, Stem weevil and black beetle, we control these insects with a product called Acelepryn.
DuPont released this product into New Zealand in late 2011, it is a totally safe and environmentally friendly chemical designed to eradicate your insect problems

View a video below of the turf cutter in action:

Download documents about turf seed, fertiliser and pest control :

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