Autumn is time to start to prepare and tidy up gardens before winter.

Roses in your garden will be having their last flush of blooms now. Throughout March keep up a regular spray programme. Protect roses against powdery mildew and blackspot. Add summer strength oil to your spray and this will protect against scale and spider mite. If insects are a problem then add a recommended insectside.

Towards the end of March sprinkle some dolomite lime around your plants as this will help maintain a good pH level in the soil. If the pH is low in soils the fertilizers remained locked in the soil and are unavailable for plant growth. Dolomite lime is fast acting and has a higher calcium level.

As we head into autumn tidy up around your rose plants removing any dead foliage under the bushes, by doing this it prevents spores from building up and reduces diseases carrying over to the next season. Spray copper before the leaves fall and this will harden your plants for winter and help prevent the carry over of disease.

From now donít dehead your roses as they finish flowering you want the hips to set.

As we approach winter it is a good idea to have your secateurs and loppers professionally sharpened for winter pruning. Wire brush is also a good tool to use around the base of your rose bush as it gets rid of scaly bark and promote new shoots in the spring.

The time spent cleaning up now will reward you with beautiful roses in the spring.


Kindly contributed by Judi Roach.  For more expert rose care advice, please contact Roach's Nurseries directly.

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